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Monday, April 1, 2013

No Sew Headband Storage

I was looking for a way to display my headbands I'm going to sell at the Endada Music and Art Festival at MBA in April, and decided to create a display using....wait for it...a roll of paper towels.  It's just the right diameter! I wanted a paper towel dispenser to stand the roll up, and was thinking of using one of those wooden dowel type ones that sit on your counter.  I didn't want to spend much money on it, so I got in my car and sang rather loudly "GOODWILL....POPPING TAGS....", lol.  I found this cute little paper towel dispenser for just a few bucks.   It has a metal rod that goes through the hole in the top to secure the roll.  But, it was dirty and had some stains on it.

I gave it a good coat of primer.....

And a few coats of spray paint in my favorite much better! 

On to the paper towel roll itself.  Now, in my title, I say "no sew".  And it would be, if I didn't piece some scrap fabric together.  So I lied.  But you can do it without sewing if you have a piece of fabric big enough.  This was 18" wide x 19" tall.  Like my neon pink big toes? 

 I put the roll in the middle of the fabric, wrapped the fabric around it, and stuck some pins directly into the roll to hold it in place while I got my glue gun.  One stripe of hot glue was all it took to secure the fabric around the roll.  Then I removed the pins.

I stood the roll on end, and tucked the fabric into the paper towel roll.  I put a few dabs of glue in the tucks, just to hold its shape better.

Finished roll:

And the finished product!   It will be so cute for selling items (I'll display one of each color and then have stock in a box under the table), but then awesome for storing headbands at home too.  Regular "U" shaped ones will just slide on and off easily.  Also, if the stretchy headbands are bigger than your roll of paper towels, you can stick pins in the back to hold them in place!

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  1. I have to send this to my sister, she will love it.