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Monday, September 30, 2013

Snack Packs!

Back to school time is so fun.  So much excitement, new markers, backpacks and SNACK PACKS!  Drake needed a snack pack for school that was separate from his lunch box. 

I found this tutorial on Pinterest (of course).  It calls for a fabric called PUL (Polyurethane Laminate), which is used in cloth diapering.   There's some discussion as to whether PUL is food-safe.  The FDA hasn't evaluated it, since it's primary use is for diapering, not food, but the Babyville website states that it is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.   I put the snacks in little containers inside of this snack pack, so the food isn't directly touching the fabric anyway.  I just like the fact that it's easily wiped out, and is machine washable.  

This tutorial uses a white, plain PUL, but my Joann's has a selection of cute Babyville brand printed PUL (Pricey, so use your coupon!), so I used it for the outside and also the lining.   

I cut out 4 rectangles as per the tutorial, and cut out the corners.

Stitched on the top edge band....

Temporarily glued the velcro in it's place and then sewed it down (love the glue stick!)

After stitching up the sides, the bottom corner cut-outs didn't exactly match up, so I trimmed them to match.

I stitched close to the top edge and then every 1/4" or so down the band.

I used my sewing machine's built in lettering stitches to put his name on a ribbon backed with interfacing.  This isn't the embroidery side of the machine, it's in the sewing side.  Perfect size font for a 1/4" ribbon.  I stitched this ribbon down the middle of the velcro band.

Finished view of the top.  Two little ribbon pulls help little fingers pry the velcro open.  Genius!

And the final's been great! Just big enough for an afternoon snack.