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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Darling Cabinet Re-do

Creative storage is key in our house, as I've mentioned before in my Sewing Cabinet post, so when I saw this little.....dresser? nightstand? bedside...dresser? on craigslist, I knew it would help us in the storage department in our bedroom.  It's about 30" tall, and only 16" wide and 14" deep, but the drawers are surprisingly roomy.  Perfect!  Oh yeah, other than the yucky green paint and ugly brass pulls.....

So.....I enlisted the help of my big boy, who was thrilled to take on the task of redoing this little number.  Big boy painting requires stripping down to undies in our house, so I added some clothes on him, lol.  See that horrible 70s armoire in the background? That's coming out of the room.  We have way too much big furniture in there.  It might need a redo down the road if we have a bigger room to put it in, we'll see.  Anyway, back to the big boy...he primed the whole thing basically by himself!

The knobs had a pretty basic shape to them, so I stuck them through some cardboard (yeah, blueberry Eggos!) and spray painted them....first with a primer, then with a few coats of a metallic silver, and then finally a clear poly coat.  That should make them pretty durable!

Then a shiny coat of oil based white paint, hardware re-installed, and Viola! Darling little cabinet that is begging to be filled with our stuff.  There's a plug right behind it, so I'm brainstorming a charging station for all of our devices and gadgets to sit on top.  Stay tuned!

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