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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crochet Toys

I love creating toys for my kids.  It's so fun to create imaginative, colorful, simple things that they will love.   

I love these blocks that I made for Drake when he was a baby.  Soooo simple, no pattern, just single crochet squares and whip stitch them together, stuff them with foam and add decorative details. A great way to use up all those yarn remnants!  I ran out of a few colors, so added squares and circles of other colors.  I think it worked out fine!

I did the letters free hand crochet, just making it up as I went, but here is a great tutorial for crocheting letters (click here):

Hoo! Hoo! I love this little owl.  So cute!  Here's his original pattern, which called for hard doll eyes.  I crocheted little circles instead so he was all soft.

Look at this little guy! I'd like you to meet Chubby the Fish:  

He was pretty easy to make, though I will say the tail was a little more challenging.  Blub blub blub!  Click here for Chubby's pattern.  

Do you know about  What an amazing site for crochet and knitting.  There are tons of patterns, and you can look through other people's projects as well.  The link above to Chubby's pattern lets you look at it as a guest, but if you sign up (free), you get many more options.  Here's a screenshot of Chubby's pattern, while I'm logged in.  See all these tabs along the top of the pattern now?

 The big arrow is pointing to "94 projects".  This means that 94 other people have made this project, and if you click there, you can see 94 different versions of this fishie!  I love looking through blankets for instance, and seeing all the color and yarn choices people choose, and how different each project looks.

Another great aspect of this site, is that it allows you to search for a certain yarn, and then look at all the different projects people have made with the particular yarn and color you have in your stash, for instance.   If you crochet or knit, hop on over to and set up an account.  You will thank me, I know!

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