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Monday, May 6, 2013

Craft Fair Recap

 Whew!  After two months of sewing sewing sewing, I finally had my craft show!  Unfortunately it poured raining, and we had to be in the gym.  It definitely hurt attendance, but I did make some sales despite it all!  It was so fun to see the other artists and their work, including a student made 3D printer, Tye Dye Mary, and beautiful paintings, both student and professional.

Here's a few pics of my set up. I had two tables that I placed at angles to each other.  I was really fun to see all of my work displayed so neatly in front of me.

Here's some of my bows, my headbands displayed on the stand I made, some pacifier straps and some super soft baby blankets with elephants on them!

This table had all of the teal, multi-color and helipcopter prints.  

The second table had all of my silver and cardinal MBA colors.  Matching outfits, hair bows, pacifier straps and burp cloths.  I love how my poster of my promo pictures turned out.  So cute! 

The boys at MBA made us all signs for our spots.  The color matches my collection!

I had a vinyl sign made at Staples (only $10 + shipping!) and hung some of the pieces.  I think I like this part of the display the best!

It was a fun day.  I sold some things, saw some friends, and visited with the other artists.  Next step, set up and Etsy shop with the leftover inventory.  Stay tuned!

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